Freitag, 20. April 2018

Visiting the Werksviertel Mitte

Within the annual event "Müncher Webwoche" I was offered the chance for a free guided tour of the urban area Werksviertel Mitte, a part of a huge (390.290 ) former industrial area  (Werksviertel) that is now being carefully re-developed into a neighbourhood for leisure, home, work and travel.

For once it looks like a successful answer to the usual Munich gentrification where normal people are forced out of the city to make space for luxury developments. There's also going to be social housing and alternative music venues.

The Werksviertel Mitte used to be the plant premises of one of Germanys first convenience food manufacturer specialized on potato products, Pfanni.

Most of the former plant buildings have been gutted and renovated and now they offer a home to creative companies, bars, cafes and a musical theatre. The roof of Werk 3 is home to a shepherd and his 5 sheep. They are also planning to keep chicken and bees. Unfortunately the time was to short to visit the roof so you have to be satisfied with this image:

The entrance is the very flexible Container Collective, former sea containers lovingly decorated by local graffiti artist Loomit. They also host bars, cafe's, shops, an info exhibition, a motorcycle workshop and an art gallery.

Outside there are wooden benches and plant containers which are placed on the former rail tracks of the potato transport system and can be moved, ingenious. All part of the plan to keep the history alive. 

There are more plans for a budget hotel, a combined hostel and 4-star-hotel (very interested how that will work out) and a concert hall, future home of the Bavarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, hopefully finished by 2021.

Granted, it looks a bit deserted, but it was a week day afternoon and now that the days are getting warmer the people of Munich will soon flock to this great area.