Samstag, 13. Oktober 2018

Lisbon Sketchbook

Of course, I packed my sketching gear for Lisbon. 

I'm quite happy with it but wasn't as productive as I had wanted to. But then, I didn't travel on my own and our days were choc-a-bloc full. On top of that, there weren't a lot of shady spots available and it was really hot, so sitting down in the blazing heat wasn't really an option.

This cruise ship departed before I was finished.

Luckily, this bus stop was quite busy so there were always new buses coming along.

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2018

Wonky Heidi does Lisbon Part 5 - Sunrise to sunset!

On our last morning we decided to watch the sun rise over the river. We rose early and walked along the river towards the Praca do Comercio where we arrived just in time for the sun to appear at about 7:30 am.


Here comes the sun....

a cruise ship arrives just in time for the sunrise

the bridge vanishes into the fog

After a second breakfast we walked back to our apartment where we finished our packing and did some last-minute shopping. There was still enough time for a coffee on the square before we had to leave for the airport.

Goodbye Alfama!

The sun sets somewhere over France or Switzerland.

Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2018

Wonky Heidi does Lisbon Part 4

Wednesday morning finds us in the city centre where we I am sketching and shopping and sight seeing.

Around lunch time we head towards the Gulbenkian Museum and its park for air condition.
It is huge and consists of several buildings and collections so I concentrate on the collection of modern art.

my favorite painting but unfortunately I didn't note down the artists name

The cafeteria is great and offers a big buffet of delicious food.

In the afternoon we struggle on to the National Pantheon because we want so visit its roof terrace which shuts at 4 pm. Luckily it's just behind our apartment up the hill.

For 4 € you can visit the former church and the terrace and see this spectacular 360 degree view of Lisbon. This is a must for every visitor to Lisbon!!

The climb to the terrace was ok but afterwards I was in desperate need of a break and some sugar. Around the corner, in front of the Mercado de Santa Clara is a little cafe, where we enjoyed a lemonade and a tart.

Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

Wonky Heidi does Lisbon Part 3 - Sintra

To escape the heat of the city we took the train to Sintra. It takes about an hour to get to this famous touristic destination. It is situated in the Sintra mountains, a 10 km long granite massif covered in woods boasting countless historic palaces, castles and parks.

There are lot's of different tour buses and hop-on/off trips available from Sintra station to take you up the mountain.

We got off at the top to visit the park of Pena Palace. The first thing I noticed is the green coolness of the trees, so unlike the baking heat of Lisbon.

We picked up a map of the park but found it impossible to navigate through the grounds. More by mistake we ended up at the High Cross, the highest point of the Sintra hills with an amazing view across the Atlantic and the colorful Pena Palace.

We skipped the palace as we wanted to avoid the crowds and weren't keen on dusty furniture.

the Atlantic Ocean

Unfortunately you never get a clear view of the palace due to the dense trees and in the end I bought a postcard to get an impression of its weird and wonderful beauty.

postcard from the Pena Palace

Afterwards we hurried on to our next stop, the Quinta da Regaleira with its famous Initiation Well, a subterranean tower built 27 m into the earth. We had seen magical pictures on Instagram and headed straight to it but of course it was totally overrun by tourists and I didn't even walk down the steps towards the masonic symbols and underground tunnels because it made me feel quite claustrophobic.

The grounds are huge and dotted with towers, buildings and follies but in the end we were pretty knackered by the heat and walking around.

To avoid the crowds you would probably have to stay in Sintra overnight and be the first in line when it opens. All-in-all we were a bit disappointed but I was glad for the green relief of the summer heat. You also need to choose carefully which of the attractions you want to visit as the parks are so extensive.

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018

Wonky Heidi does Lisbon Part 2

On our first morning we took the bus down the river to Belem. 

After a second breakfast in a cafè we headed towards the monument for sailors and explorers. It is majestic and white and perfectly located at the river bank.

In the glowing sun we struggled onwards to the Torre de Belem, which turned out to be shut on a Monday. Note to self, remember to check opening hours. 

After lunch (delicious grilled chicken) we headed to the MAAT - Museum Art Architecture Technology. 

I loved the building. The roof curved like wings or a wave corresponding with the river. Here you can find more pictures

The exhibition didn't really light my fire but it was worth the visit just to experience this amazing piece of architecture. Also, I sorely missed a cafeteria for refreshments.

MAAT rooftop

After a short rest we went for a pre-dinner walk, had more fish in a great little neighborhood restaurant and post-dinner walk.