Freitag, 9. November 2018

Addio Naples!

On our last day we took our luggage to the Garibaldi Station to the left-luggage office. Quite handy as the Airport (Alibus) bus leaves from there.

After that we went for a walk towards Lungomare, Naples promenade along the seafront. In this overcast weather it wasn't quite as breathtaking but one can imagine it being amazing in summer. According to the travel guides this is the place to be at sunset.


Vesuvius is peaking out behind the buildings.

After a coffee break (due cappuccini e un americano, per favore) we made our way to the MADRE museum, Naples museum of modern art. Inside a 19th century palazzo you will discover a colorful and magical world. 

MADRE Museum

After another amazing Pizza and we boarded the Alibus to the airport. All in all I would recommend Naples only to the advanced Italy visitor. 

Donnerstag, 8. November 2018

Pompeji madness

Very naively we thought we could just board a train to go to Pompeji on a Saturday morning. When we arrived at the platform of the Ferrovia Circumvesuviana, the regional train service, it was black with people. A train arrived and we didn't even manage to squeeze into it.

We decided to wait for the next one but realized the train didn't actually leave. After waiting around for about 20 minutes without any comprehensible information, a train arrived on the opposite platform. Even the Italians didn't understand what was going on but we boarded it nevertheless hoping for the best. We managed to grab seats, anxiously watching the electronic display for any hints. Of course, it was not up-to-date.

As the new train rolled out of the station, the first train was still standing on the platform full of passengers.

As we arrived in Pompeji we joined a queue and waited for two hours to buy tickets. It might have been the long weekend (All-Saints-Day on the 1st of November) or just being Saturday. It might pay off to buy online tickets. Once we got to the counter they had run out of maps.

historic queue

Roman buffet/restaurant

what a beauty

Mount Vesuv in the background

victim of the volcanic eruption 

We spent 2 hours walking around the grounds in awe of the ruins and history. If you are really into this, you might want to plan in a full day with picknick, a map or book a guided tour. If you prepare properly, you might not be as disappointed as I was, when I missed the Roman lavatories. To my defense, I didn't even know I wanted to see them until I left.

We exited through at the back of the park, bordering onto Pompei village. There's another train station, which wasn't as busy. Also a nice stop for refreshments.

Pompei village

Mittwoch, 7. November 2018

Rainy day in Naples

Our first day dawned with rain. To get out of the relentless rain we visited the Monastero di Santa Chiara. 

The church was destroyed in WW2 and rebuilt and decorated with bits and pieces found in the rubble. I loved the clear, strong lines of the new building.

Then we went to see the cloister with its amazing courtyard.

raindrops keep falling on my head

Through the shop and the museum and into the backyard to see some excavations.

This is definitely a hidden gem and must-see for any Naples visitor.

Dienstag, 6. November 2018

November in Naples

To celebrate 25 years of friendship two friends and I used the long November weekend for a trip to Naples. It was very exciting, we experienced two very bumpy flights, a hair-raising taxi ride, a power cut, train chaos and yummy food.

We had rain and sunshine and dinner al fresco. It was a right Italian rollercoaster.

Neapolitans don't do patio heaters and we didn't need them.

nightcap grappa and limoncello

breakfast and planning

me after three days of Naples